Where are You Going, Where Have You Been By Joyce Carol Oates Essay

It is the novel ‘Where Are you going, where have you been’ Choose any topic and write an essay on this topic.

2.What are Connie’s two sides? Is Connie’s case unusual for a girl her age in our society?

3.What or who does Arnold Friend represent? Why does it take Connie so long so long to penetrate the disguise?

4.What is the main theme in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates?

Your essay should be at least two pages.

Follow all MLA Format rules. Ten percent may be taken away for not following the rules (10 %).

Your paper needs your own creative title (10%).

A brief summary is a must (10 %).

Underline your thesis statement. It is 10 % of the score.

Underline topic sentences. The represent 10 % as well.

Content of the argumentative paragraphs 30 %.

Conclusion: 10 %

Grammar and mechanics 10 %

Men and Women at US Public Academic Radiation Oncology Departments

Use Google Scholar to find a research study in any area of interest to you that involves hypothesis testing. Describe the study, hypothesis test, null/alternative hypothesis, alpha value, one or two-tailed test, results, and inferences made. Please make sure you cite references to any sources you use for this question. Provide a link to the actual study so that classmates can review the hypothesis test data. Explain the inferences you make from these results, importance of this data in general, how it relates to your life, and what you find interesting about the study.

BUS 499 Strayer University CIBC Mellon Case Study Analysis

Review the CIBC Mellon: Managing a Cross-Border Joint Venture Case Study found on page 219 in your textbook and respond to the following:

· Compare and contrast strategic controls and financial controls. Provide specific examples of how each may be used to best serve a corporation.

· As a strategic leader, determine if you would feel ethically responsible for developing your firm’s human capital and state why. Discuss whether or not you believe your position is consistent with the majority or minority of today’s strategic leaders.

Dataset Analysis: Ohio’s 2018 State Spending

Ohio’s 2018 State Spending

Please analyze the data at:


For tools you can use Excel, R, or Tableau to analyze the data. Choose only one.

In a 3-5 page paper Please thoroughly answer the following questions:

1) What tool did you use to analyze the data and why? Was the tool appropriate for the analysis of the selected data?

2) Use the software to provide high level views of the data in tabular and graphical form.

3) Describe the data, is it structured or unstructured and why?

4) Apply the results as the organizational data analyst. What does the data tell us? Who should use the data?

5) How would you communicate your findings to your manager?

ENG1301 DCCCD Comparing Forms Of Art Maus & How I Met Your Mother

DA: Blog — The Proof Lies in the Plot Line

For the second essay, you will compare Maus to another story that at first seems vastly similar, but that shares, upon closer examination, significant similarities. In order to find such an example, you will want to look more at themes like persecution, discrimination, or dehumanization and find a story from a different genre that also examines those.

An example using two different stories would be Harry Potter and Pippi Longstocking. The first is a story about a wizard for young readers and adults, while Pippi Longstocking is about a unique girl written for audiences of maybe 6-9-year-old girls. And yet the stories share quite a few similarities:

  • both protagonists are orphaned and have friends who take the place of family
  • both protagonists are financially secure due to inheritance, which allows them to make certain choices
  • both have an identifying physical characteristic
  • both have superpowers
  • both stand up for the little guy (and gal)

For this blog, share one or two ideas for stories that are very different from Maus I — they can be movies, books, video games, etc. — you feel share similar themes with Maus I. Explain the similarities and how you support your findings. Again, look in different genres, e.g. animated films for children. You will be asked to share your ideas during small class discussions, and this blog serves to help you formulate your ideas prior to that.

Turning Point of the war: The Battle of Gettysburg

Create a 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation on the battle that you consider the Turning Point of the war (i.e. Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Antietam, etc.).

Include the following:

1. Title Slide (Include your name and Title)

2. Eight Slides that include the following:

A. Who fought (Include the commanders)

B. Where was it fought

C. Why was it the Turning Point

D. Pivotal part of the Battle

E. The result of the Battle (casulaties)

3. One slide with at least three (3) sources

4. Include images for EVERY slide except Title Slide and Reference Slide

The beast in the Jungle with Freud’s theory of egoism and narcissism

Write a research paper comparing ” The beast in the Jungle” by Henry James with Freud’s theory of egoism and narcissism. Also try it to connect with Sedgwick’s idea of ” the Beast in the closet”.

6-7 pages, doubled spaced, with (3)secondary sources on the primary source(The beast in the Jungle) and properly cited work, with page numbers in the quotes cited.Can use tertiary sources too.

Start the paper with short idea of “The Beast in the Jungle”

beast in the jungle by Henry James: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1093/1093-h/1093-h…

Response to Caroline Rivera DQ1

Adolescent pregnancy can be a very challenging obstacle for patients and health care providers. Teen pregnancies are generally viewed as stressful, it is difficult to become an adult on demand and this can be taxing for the mother, father, and baby as well as the support system surrounding them. Although teen pregnancy can happen to anyone there are several risk factors associated with a higher risk; socioeconomic status, education, home environment, being a child of teen parents, prevalence of substance abuse within the household, and low self-esteem (Youth.gov). Because teen pregnancy has detrimental affects on the individual, the individual’s support system/family, and the community, it is important to be knowledgeable about available resources through the community and state. According to Powertodecide.org, as of 2013 there were 10,160 pregnancies among teens age 15 to 19 in New Jersey or 36 teen pregnancies to every 1000 teen girls; this is a 23% drop since 2011 and a 68% drop since 1988. Changes in statisitcs can be attributed to an increase in available resources as well as access to smart phones and the internet. Resources are available for teen parents in the community as well as state-wide. On the State of New Jersey website, NJParent Link provides teen parents with access to resources; a list of available resources specific to this population is available and provides information such as, adolescent and young adult support services and New Jersey’s Paternity Opportunity Program (POP) which facilitates paternity establishment for babies born to unmarried parents. Through NJParent Link there is information available for specific counties in New Jersey, one in particular is the availability of Family Success Centers throughout the state; these centers are considered a “one-stop” shop and they provide resources and supports for families before they find themselves in crisis. Family Success Centers bring together community residents, leaders, and community agencies to address the problems that threaten the safety and stability of families and the community (Department of Children and Families, 2019).


Department of Children and Families, (2019). Family Success Centers. https://www.state.nj.us/dcf/families/support/succe…

Powertodecide.org, (2019). https://powertodecide.org/what-we-do/information/n…

State of New Jersey, (2019). Parent Link- Teen Moms and Dads. https://www.nj.gov/njparentlink/services/special/t…

Youth.gov. Youth Topics- Pregnancy Prevetion. https://youth.gov/youth-topics/pregnancy-preventio…

******* please respond to the discussion above add citation and references 😉 ******

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Group One: Historical background of PCI DSS, such as the history of payments in the U.S., the introduction of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, and other general points of knowledge that help to set the tone for the Project. We need the context from this Group.

Group Two: Just as our textbook chapters typically begin, Group One’s history lesson is expanded here by describing some of the challenges that the three main stakeholders of payment card systems—i.e., payment card companies (Visa, MasterCard, et al), merchants and vendors (small, large, online, brick-and-mortar), and consumers—face vis-à-vis technologies, business challenges, and legal challenges within the PCI domain.

Need Group 2 information on challenges faced by:

1. Large blue chip company (ex. bestbuy or amazon)

2. Small company with a website- (ex. restaurant, massage parlour etc)

3. Brick and Mortor company with no website (ex. doughnut shop, local hardware store)

4. Challenges faced by card companies (ex. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX)

challenges face on PCI DSS complaince.

Please provide an over view of the compliance and then break it down in all the above 4 points and the conclusion with cited references (8-10 pages ) and APA format research paper and PPT 10-12 slides Excluding Intro and thank you

Critical Response!

Before completing Critical Response #6, be sure to have read “Chapter 2: Forwarding,” on pages 35-54 of our textbookRewriting: How to Do Thing with Texts, 2nd edition, by Joseph Harris. If you still haven’t purchased the textbook, check out digital or renting options, if that’s cheaper.

After reading “Chapter 2: Forwarding” in Rewriting, 2nd edition (pages 35-54), type up an outline.

  1. Choose 10-15 important concepts you learned in this section. Use quotation marks or paraphrasing appropriately to avoid plagiarism, and include a page number for each of these concepts. Also, use bullet points or numbering for each new concept. Underline or bold any key terms/phrases for emphasis within each bullet point.
  2. For each bullet point (concept), add 1-2 sentences, explaining the importance of this concept, or why it stood out to you. Use complete sentences.
  3. Aim for 400-800 words total. Put this word count in the 5th line of your heading.