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week 5.1 NR 532

  This paper will be graded on quality of information, use of citations, use of Standard English grammar, sentence structure, and organization based on the required components. Create this assignment using Microsoft (MS) Word, which is the required format for all Chamberlain documents. You can tell that the document is saved as a MS Word […]

week 5 NR 532

Respond   A difficult situation can result when personal and working relationships are combined. You have been assigned to a new area as the nurse leader, where a good friend of the family has worked for many years. You are made aware of multiple issues of tardiness by your friend over the last few months. Discuss […]

Patho A

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South University NSG5003 Midterm Exam 2019

 What causes the rapid change in the resting membrane potential to initiate an action potential? Question 1 options:                Potassium gates open and potassium rushes into the cell, changing the membrane potential from negative to positive                Sodium gates open and sodium rushes into the cell, changing the membrane potential from negative to positive.                Sodium gates close, […]

One page essay due tomorrow 7/20

This is for policy and politics in nursing   Compare and contrast the current fee-for-service payment system with the reformed value-based payment system. How will this change improve quality of care, patient outcomes, costs, and the role of the entire healthcare team including nurses? A peer reviewed nursing journal article must be used within the essay

level of evidence

Describe the “levels of evidence” and provide an example of the type of practice change that could result from each. Read “Evidence-Based Practice for Nursing: Levels of Evidence,” located on the Northern Virginia Community College website. URL: https://libguides.nvcc.edu/c.php?g=361218&p=2439383

EBP Poster

Your poster presentation should have the following components:  Title Page This should be the title of the project along with a listing of the authors of the project with identifying information (i.e.: Valparaiso University, College of Nursing). PICOT Question What is the PICOT question being answered by the project? Provide some background information about why […]

Family Health Risks

– be sure to provide a meaningful response to at least two of your peers’ posts by the end of the week. In your responses to your peers, you might offer how you would use these tools to develop a care plan for a patient. – also include your discussion some citations to support your […]

Medical field

  Select ONE of the CBRN categories, then pick ONE particular agent from that category and based on our readings this term, place yourself in the role of a terrorist and offer your perspective of how a terrorist event could be conducted in your hometown, then provide your perspective on how to prevent such an […]