Critical Response!

Before completing Critical Response #6, be sure to have read “Chapter 2: Forwarding,” on pages 35-54 of our textbookRewriting: How to Do Thing with Texts, 2nd edition, by Joseph Harris. If you still haven’t purchased the textbook, check out digital or renting options, if that’s cheaper.

After reading “Chapter 2: Forwarding” in Rewriting, 2nd edition (pages 35-54), type up an outline.

  1. Choose 10-15 important concepts you learned in this section. Use quotation marks or paraphrasing appropriately to avoid plagiarism, and include a page number for each of these concepts. Also, use bullet points or numbering for each new concept. Underline or bold any key terms/phrases for emphasis within each bullet point.
  2. For each bullet point (concept), add 1-2 sentences, explaining the importance of this concept, or why it stood out to you. Use complete sentences.
  3. Aim for 400-800 words total. Put this word count in the 5th line of your heading.

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