Movie critique on Italian politics

  • The movie critique is expected to be ~3 pages referencing 2-3+ course readings
  • The links to movies are provided. and Please check the rubric screenshot in the attachment
  • The critique should incorporate and connect 3 course themes/terms (e.g. populism, regionalism, clientelism, partitocracy, corporatism) to the movie at hand {you can bold/underline in your writing}, include some mention of whether the tone seemed neutral or biased, and whether the film achieved its purpose
  • The link for the movie
  • The readings
    1. PiE; 4.1 (Context of Italian Politics: Religion, Education, Political Culture): p. 330-335
    2. PoI; 6 The Church: 202-207 (The Politics of Italy_ Governance in a Normal Country)
    3. PoI; 5 Political Culture and Behaviour: 145-176 {skim after 168} (The Politics of Italy_ Governance in a Normal Country)
    4. Chiara Saraceno (2004) The Italian family from the 1960s …, Modern Italy, 9:1, 47-57

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