Synthesis 1

Prepare an academic paper (5-7 pages, not including cover page or references) in APA format containing analysis and synthesis of prior research, which will be posted to the Group Discussion area for interaction with your colleagues. This analysis will be an open-ended introduction to explaining how multicultural leadership can be modeled and implemented in occupational settings. Your goal, as the presenter, should be to persuade your discussants that the approach(es) you have analyzed and synthesized are a sound means for discovering new meaning in global leadership competencies. You should acknowledge that there are other models or means to study leaders in multicultural environments, but you should strive to be as persuasive as possible that the specific concepts and operationalizations you have reviewed are exciting research avenues and that they are potentially breakthrough areas in the understanding of global leadership effectiveness.


Your paper and presentation should contain the following elements:

  • An incorporation and analysis of at least 5 of the required resources from this pair of weeks.
  • The incorporation and analysis of 5 additional resources from the Walden Library.
  • An identification of principal schools of thought, tendencies in the academic literature, or commonalities that define the academic scholarship regarding your topic.
  • An evaluation of the main concepts with a focus on their application to management practice and their impact on positive social change.
  • Direct evidence of addressing the learning outcomes from this pair of weeks.


In addition to the above elements, the Group Leader(s) for this week will focus thematically on:

  • Addressing why it is important for the global leader to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the global team.
  • Presenting one scenario in which technology may hinder the performance of the virtual team and identify strategies for how this may be mitigated.
  • Addressing leadership strategies that may be utilized to foster cultural understanding, build trust, solicit widespread input, and balance control with shared objectives.
  • Articulating best practices for global leaders to utilize with respect to different cultural work practices and process norms. Posit how these best practices are relevant for virtual teams.

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