Where are You Going, Where Have You Been By Joyce Carol Oates Essay

It is the novel ‘Where Are you going, where have you been’ Choose any topic and write an essay on this topic.

2.What are Connie’s two sides? Is Connie’s case unusual for a girl her age in our society?

3.What or who does Arnold Friend represent? Why does it take Connie so long so long to penetrate the disguise?

4.What is the main theme in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates?

Your essay should be at least two pages.

Follow all MLA Format rules. Ten percent may be taken away for not following the rules (10 %).

Your paper needs your own creative title (10%).

A brief summary is a must (10 %).

Underline your thesis statement. It is 10 % of the score.

Underline topic sentences. The represent 10 % as well.

Content of the argumentative paragraphs 30 %.

Conclusion: 10 %

Grammar and mechanics 10 %

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